Animal Portraits


Thanks for your interest in animal portraits!  Illustrating these magical creatures is one of my favorite things to do.  Please read the information below before getting in touch about a project with me.

5”x7” for $150 (only one animal for this size)

8”x10” for $250 (additional animal add $50)

11″x14″ for $375 (additional animal add $75)

All projects require a $50 deposit that goes towards to the total cost.

1.  What I need to get started is at least 5 high resolution photos (it can be more!) of your beloved animal.  Photos where I can see the most detail of their face is preferred.  Please also email detailing any requests you may have.  ex: which picture is your favorite, does one feature the eyes better but another captures the ears.. 

2. After I receive the images and accept your project I will invoice you for the initial deposit.

3. Next I will draw a sketch of the composition I think will work and email that back to you for approval before I get started with the pen and ink detail.  This is the primary round for any feedback and adjustments to the design.  An additional charge will apply for follow up revisions or changes after this point.

4. I usually take between 4-6 weeks to complete a portrait depending on how many pieces I’m working on.  Shipping is included in the pricing or you can coordinate to pickup in person.


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