ABOUT the Artist

I grew up in Vermont and have been drawing persistently since I was five years old.  I have worked with many different subjects and mediums and fallen squarely for realistic pen and ink illustration techniques and all forms of printmaking. My experience is primarily in intaglio etching but I intend to incorporate more letterpress, woodcut and silkscreen into my skill set as I continue to create.  Most recently I have added tattooing to one of my favorite mediums.  It is a process similar to printmaking that requires both creative energy and super technical components.

Much of my imagery explores the nature and relationships of creatures both real and imagined, all rendered in extreme detail and narrative in their postures and expressions.  Studying the world around me has always showed me what kind of magical worlds exist in my own imagination. For me it is absolutely essential to work on both the inventive drawings as well as more literal, realistic types of illustration.  It is a balancing act. The realistic work has an emphasis on technical detail which I experience as a really meditative process. The imaginative stuff pushes me to translate my emotional connection to the work.  Each practice deepens the other.  I have reverence for the world I see around me at the same time I explore my inner emotional landscape through invented characters.  I am constantly overwhelmed with gratitude because I  have opportunities to share this art practice I love so dearly.

Thanks for looking.


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