I work in Montpelier, Vermont at Marigold Adornment located at 89 Main Street Suite #3 (802) 225-6667.  My regular hours are Tuesdays-Wednesdays-Thursdays 11am-7pm.  Please send a detailed email if you’d like to work on something together.  

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Some FAQ and info about how my tattoo practice works best:

  1. To get started send me an email including design ideas, where on your body, timeline, and if you can come for an in-person consult in Montpelier Vermont or prefer a phone consult.
  2. Please include photos if you have existing tattoos involved in the idea
  3. If we both agree it is a good fit to work on artwork together I ask for a Drawing Deposit of $50 that can be paid online or in person to Marigold Adornment and goes towards your final tattoo cost.
  4. If your design is complex with many components I often plan a review process where you can see sketches and give feedback.  That is not something I can do for every project.  In your consult session we can talk more about how you can give input and direction for the design.
  5. I take anywhere from 2 weeks- several months to come up with custom artwork depending on how far out I am booked and how detailed the concepts and the imagery are.  I try my best to work on all custom artwork in the order the inquiries are received! Thanks for your patience.
  6. I really like making art.  I want to come up with the best looking design I am capable of and I take time to try and create with that in mind every time I collaborate with someone.  I also take the process of tattooing seriously. It is extremely important for me to get a sense that you are sure and happy with the artwork as well as informed about what you will experience in a tattoo session.  It is your body and I am committed to making sure you feel heard, seen and comfortable with the whole tattoo process.
  7. I have definitely focused on custom design at this point.  I love it.  I am also open to making tattoos of fully designed artwork that you want put on your body and I decide if that will work on a case by case basis.
  8. My hourly rate is $120/hour.  I can estimate timing to expect on a design as soon as we confirm size and placement. I’m always open to working within your budget.  Please share whatever concerns you have and I can help guide you through choices about the artwork that will fit within your financial goals.

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