I work at Marigold Adornment at 89 Main Street Suite #3, Montpelier, Vermont  (802) 225-6667.  

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Scheduling is by appointment only.

Books are currently closed to new clients.  Please look for future open booking periods or flash events here on the website or on my instagram page.

The Marigold Studio is located at 89 Main Street suite #3, Montpelier.  There is a street entrance off East State street and and entrance inside City Center.  Call if you need to (802) 225-6667 and check out the website! 

FAQ and info about booking process and pricing:

    • If you email a request with details about size, content and placement and I accept your project during an open booking period I will send you an email to schedule a consult date.  Depending on the project you can come for an in-person consult in Montpelier, VT or we can plan a phone consult. Consults typically take 30-40 minutes and there is no charge.  At the time of your consult we will schedule your tattoo appointment(s) 
    • For custom designs I ask for a non- refundable Drawing Deposit of $50-$100 that can be paid online or in person to Marigold Adornment and goes towards your final tattoo cost.  
    • If your design concept is complex with many different components I often plan a review process where you can see sketches and give feedback.  That is not something I can do for every project.  In your consult session we would talk more about how you can give input and direction for the design.
    • I really like making art.  I want to come up with the best looking design I am capable of and I take time to try and create with that in mind every time I collaborate with someone.  I also take the process of tattooing seriously. It is extremely important for me to get a sense that you are sure and happy with the artwork as well as informed about what you will experience in a tattoo session.  It is your body and I am committed to making sure you feel heard, seen and informed about the tattoo process.
    • I primarily create unique custom artwork for each client or tattoo from my own collection of flash designs.  I occasionally agree to tattoo pre-designed artwork from another source and I decide if that will work on a case by case basis.
    • Most often I will not choose to use color in the tattoo design.
    • My hourly rate is $120/hour.  I can roughly estimate timing to expect on a design as soon as we confirm size and placement. I’m always open to working within your budget.  Please share whatever concerns you have and I can help guide you through choices about the artwork that will fit within your financial goals.

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